Apeks Oxygen SPG

Apeks Oxygen SPG


Apeks offers a high quality O2 pressure gauge, made from O2 compatible materials, that has been properly O2 cleaned during the manufacturing process. Dive safely and dive with confidence with an Apeks O2 Pressure Gauge.

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Designated as ready for O2 service by bright green boot

Large loop area designed into the housing for ease of attachment

Style: O2 Ready Submersible Pressure Gauge

Type: Bourdon tube

Range: 0 - 360 bar 

Materials: O2 compatible

Case: Nickel plated brass

Lens: Anti-splinter polycarbonate

Over pressure relief plug: Yes

O2 cleaned and prepped: Yes

Boot: Bright green

Background Luminous: long phosphorescent effect

Attachment loop: Yes

Warranty One Year Limited