Apeks SPG/ Depth

Apeks SPG/ Depth


The 2-gauge console combines a submersible pressure (contents) gauge and a depth gauge housed in a specially designed case. The unit is completed with a high pressure hose.
The console clearly displays your pressure and depth readings for easy viewing under water and the dials have a long phosphorescent effect for better reading in poor visibility conditions. The submersible pressure gauge provides accurate pressure readings with a range up to 360 bar. The depth gauge reads up to 70 m.


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  • The gauge case is made from nickel plated brass

  • The dial window is made of highly shock resistant material (anti-splinter polycarbonate)

  • A specially designed housing protects the gauge and HP hose fitting from accidental damage

  • A large loop area designed into the housing allows for easy attachment.

  • There is an over-pressure capsule fitted in the back of the module to prevent the screen from exploding in the unlikely event of the internal mechanism failing.

  • Dials have a long phosphorescent effect for better reading in poor visibility conditions

  • There are 2 attachment areas integrated into the design for position flexibility

  • This may be a compact design but the displays are vivid and clear - perfect for diving. For example, the depth gauge spreads the first half of the scale and in total shows a range down to 230 feet

  • Depth gauge has resettable max depth indicator

  • A specific O2 clean version is available for use with high percentage oxygen gases


SPG case material - Nickel plated brass

SPG dial face - Anti-splinter polycarbonate

SPG dial range - 0 – 360 Bar

Luminous background - Yes for both gauges

Over-pressure relief - Yes

Attachment loop - Yes - Two

O2 compatible materials - Yes

O2 clean - No

Resettable max depth indicator - Yes

Available in Pewter and Pink colors