Calypso 2017

Calypso 2017


The reliable, robust and refreshed Calypso regulator is compact, lightweight and perfect for beginner divers and dive centers. The Calypso regulator has been a dependable favorite for decades and has been emulated, but never equaled. Redesigned with a youthful twist, the new Calypso is has an attractive new look to go with its always attractive price.

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The Calypso is durable and dependable in even the most demanding conditions. Its easy-to-maintain, lightweight, compact and comfortable design makes it a great fit for beginners and for use in dive centers. Dive centers will appreciate that this new version is compatible with previous versions.

First Stage:

  • The high-flow piston technology ensures excellent reliability and high performance

  • Enjoy more stable medium pressure out thanks to the large diameter piston Designed with large holes in end caps for easy cleaning and better thermal exchange and improved resistance to freezing Built with few components for easy maintenance The yoke version includes a second filter, which can be change without dismantling and provides increased protection from polluted air

  • For dive centers, a numbered sticker can be used to identify the regulator, easing the renting and tracking process

  • Triangular DIN hand wheel has ribs for easier handling

  • Avoid water retention with the open yoke screw

  • The dust cap adjacent to the body protects the DIN and yoke inlet fittings against shocks

  • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box

Second Stage:

  • The unique Comfobite mouthpiece, with patented roof of mouth bridge, reduces jaw fatigue

  • The removable and reusable clip facilitates quick and easy mouthpiece changes

  • With few components and easy access to the exhaust valve through a clipped deflector, maintenance is easy

  • The in-line Venturi knob offers effective and progressive adjustments using an ergonomic design for easy manipulation, even with gloves.

  • The polyurethane purge cover offers significant abrasion- and tear-resistance, protects from shocks, allows for easy water purging, and decreases inhalation effort

  • Side openings prevent free flow when facing into currents or riding a scooter

  • Reinforced polycarbonate makes the second stage stronger

  • The Deflector splits up bubbles to decrease noise and protect the valve from expiration


First Stage:

1st stage technology - Piston, unbalanced

Mechanism - In line

Maximal working pressure - 232 bar in DIN & yoke version

ACD system - Transformation kit available

Number of HP ports - 1 (7/16" UNF)

Number of MP ports - 4 (3/8" UNF)

Medium Pressure - 8.8 bar to 10 bar (127 psi to 145 psi)

Flow rate (surface, hose) - 1300 l/min (45.9 cubic feet/min) HP = 200 bar (2900 psi)

Body - Marine brass, bright chrome plating

Spring - Stainless steel

Conical filter - Sintered bronze

O-rings - EPDM

Second Stage:

Type - Unbalanced

Mechanism - Demand valve, downstream poppet

Cracking effort - 2.5 to 4 mbar (36 to 58 mpsi)

Venturi adjustment knob - Yes

Box bottom, deflector, Venturi vane - ABS

Purge cover - Polyurethane

Mouthpiece, exhaust valve, diaphragm - Silicone

Poppet - Polyurethane

Adjustable crown - Stainless steel