Womens Rashguard with Zip

Womens Rashguard with Zip


New design from Aqua Lung
Aqua Lung Rashguards are designed to be worn in and out of the water for protection against the sun’s UV rays, as a layer to guard against possible critters that sting or scratch, or as an additional layer under your Aqua Lung wetsuit.

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  • Aqua Lung’s rashguard fabric is made from 80% polyester/20% Spandex. The polyester helps keep colors fresh and bright

  • All rashguards are SPF50, offering the maximum protection against UVs

  • Athletic fit is adapted to diving and watersports:the back is longer than the front and has a loop stitched on the front to attach the string of the board short or a men’s swim suit

  • A small collar protects the back of the neck when snorkeling, protects from the friction of the BC against the neck when diving in warm water, and helps to hold in warmth when used as undersuit

  • Zip opening along the front shoulder, for easy don and doff

    Color: Black/ White

    Sizes: S, M and L