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Establish recently 2017, Empire Scuba Supplies is Sabah's Master Retailer for the prestigious Aqua Lung range of dive equipment, Apeks Marine Equipment, Omer Breathless Emotions and Surface Marker Buoys. We are also a TDISDI Dive Center where we offer all level of dive training and dive excursions. Please click on each link above for details on our dive equipment, dive courses and diving trips.

Our store in Inanam Capital has a spacious and comfortable retail area with full selection of gears. Our experienced team members are always at hand to assist you in choosing your equipment and ensuring you have an enjoyable dive experience.

Empire Scuba Supplies is also a fully equipped service center to ensure excellent after sales service and care for your dive equipment using state of the art tools and test equipment and we maintain all the parts necessary to keep your gear in its optimum performance.

Being enthusiastic divers ourselves, you can be rest assured that everything we offer is aimed to make you diving experience satisfying, safe and fun!



Mantanani Dugong Beach Resort

No.39, Block D, Level 1, Warisan Square,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: +6088 448366
Email Address: mantananidugongbeach@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/dugongbeach.mantanani.9

Wawasan KP

Lot 2-2-4B, 2nd Floor, Kolam Centre, Phase 2, Jln. Lintas Luyang
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: +6088 224 880
Email Address: info@wawasankp.com.my
Website: www.facebook.com/wawasankp



Aqua Lung is the name that introduced the world to scuba diving in 1943, when Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan developed the first “aqua-lung”. Little did they know, their work and their innovative scuba diving equipment would expand the very possibilities of underwater exploration.

Now, the excitement and adventurous spirit of that first dive lives on through Aqua Lung's scuba diving gear. Our dedication to quality and innovation has led to the manufacture of the world's premier scuba diving equipment for professional and recreational use. For over 70 years, Aqua Lung has given divers of all experience levels the means to live out their underwater endeavors. Whether you’re enjoying the beauty of coral reefs or getting up close and personal with a wreck, you’ll always feel prepared and in control with Aqua Lung.


Buying Aqua Lung Dive Gear

Aqua Lung dive gear is only available through Authorized Aqua Lung Distributors and its appointed Dealers.


Important Notice on Internet Sales of Aqua Lung Products

Please be aware that not every business that advertises and sells Aqua Lung branded products is an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer. Unauthorized retailers offering Aqua Lung Scuba products acquire those products through unknown sources. Products purchased through internet sales or unauthorized retailers are considered third party sales and are not eligible for Aqua Lung warranty protection, service, or support. Aqua Lung cannot guarantee in any way the condition of the product you receive through these unauthorized retailers or guarantee:

  • The product is in fact an Aqua Lung product

  • The product contains all original and current Aqua Lung factory parts.

  • The product meets all original Aqua Lung factory specifications.

If you require warranty or non-warranty service on any Aqua Lung or affiliate branded product not purchased through an authorized Aqua Lung Dealer, you may be refused service by an Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer or may incur additional service charges. Please note that non-factory authorized service or repair facilities:

  • Do not have access to authorized Aqua Lung parts

  • Do not have access to the latest technical bulletins

  • Are not trained by Aqua Lung on proper service procedures for Aqua Lung or affiliate branded life support equipment.



If you obtain Aqua Lung products from an unauthorized dealer, your warranty will not be valid, and we cannot offer you the assurances of quality and satisfaction afforded by the Aqua Lung Warranty Program. To verify whether or not a retailer is an authorized Aqua Lung Dealer, please email us at


Warranty Types

(Limited Warranty)

Aqua Lung warrants to the original purchaser for a period of time, specified below for each product, from the date of purchase that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship, provided that it receives normal use, proper care and prescribed dealer service subject to the limitations listed below. The limited warranty is extended only to the original purchaser for purchases made from an Authorized Aqua Lung Distributor and it's appointed Dealer, and is not transferable. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement only at the discretion of Aqua Lung. Warranty coverage does not extend to damages caused by improper use, improper maintenance, neglect, unauthorized repairs, modifications, accidents, fire, casualty or normal wear and aging. Cosmetic damage(s), such as scratches, nicks and fraying are not covered under warranty except when the product is new, out of the original packaging. This warranty does not extend to equipment used for commercial or military purposes.

(Warranty by Product Category)


Limited Lifetime Warranty This warranty will cover the original owner of the regulator against defects in parts or workmanship for the lifetime of the regulator if the regulator is:

  1. Purchased from an Authorized Aqua Lung Distributor or it's appointed Authorized Dealer

  2. Inspected or serviced annually by an Authorized Aqua Lung Distributor or it's appointed Authorized Dealer.


Limited Lifetime Warranty – See your Aqua Lung retailer or refer to your owners manual for more.

Buoyancy Compensator Replacement on a Pro-Rated Basis:

Buoyancy Compensator under the Limited Lifetime Warranty that malfunction due to material or manufacturer defects that have also had a significant amount of use will be replaced on a pro-rated basis. Prorating will be determined by a percentage factor based on the condition of the product and how long the product was used prior to the warranty claim. This can be useful to evaluate Limited Lifetime Warranty claims since the warranty period is for the "useful life of the product" and not a set length of time. The following guidelines should be used in determining what pro-rated percentage will be used.


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty on computers and gauges

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on accessories, consumable parts, included but not limited to cables, hoses and straps.

Exclusions and Limitations: This Limited Warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or use outside of recommended use or defects caused by use with non Aqua Lung supplied or endorsed software and batteries. See the owner’s manual for additional information.

Analog Gauges and Compasses:

Two-Year Limited Warranty

Masks, Fins and Snorkels:

Two-Year Limited Warranty


Traveler Bags: Lifetime Warranty, Tour (Change Tour to “Explorer”) Series Bags: Two-Year Limited Warranty


One-Year Limited Warranty


  • Seams and Materials: Three-Year warranty on defects related to workmanship, materials and Seams

  • Zippers and Valves: One-Year warranty from defects in materials and workmanship

  • Seals: Three-Month warranty from defects in material and workmanship


Lifetime Warranty against sole separation from upper, and 1 year Limited Warranty


One-Year Limited Warranty


Warranty Claim

If you are the original owner of an Aqua Lung product that is determined to be defective in any way, please return it to your local Authorized Aqua Lung Dealer. Please provide your dealer with your original sales receipt along with any service records you may have. Your local dealer will have to bring the unit and the relevant receipts back to us to determine that you have a valid warranty issue and for further evaluation and warranty process.


Serial Number Locations

Serial numbers DO NOT contain the letters "EN" or "CE". These numbers refer to a European Standard for that product. If you cannot locate your serial number, please refer to the following information for assistance.


Buoyancy Compensators (BCDs)

  • The serial number is under the back pad of the BC. It can also be located inside the BC pocket.

  • Earlier Sea Quest and Aqua Lung BCs - The serial number is located behind the hook-and-loop inflator hold down on the left shoulder.

  • 1st generation Wave - It does not have a serial number. Use the LOT number located at the bottom of the WARNING tag.

  • WARNING tag - The tag is sewn inside the pocket.



  • 1st stage - The 7 figure serial number is readily visible on the first stage. The 7 figure serial number does not contain: "EN250" or "CE 0098"

  • 2nd stage - The serial number is laser etched into the 2nd stage case. The location varies by model. The 7 figure serial number does not contain: "EN250" or "CE 0098"


Air Source

The serial number is located just above the exhaust valve and always starts with a letter then 5 digits then end with 2 letters again. (Example: R01030MN)


Recall & Safety Notices

Recall & Safety Notices can be found here http://www.aqualung.com/us/recall-notices ~~ 24th September 2017 - Consumer Safety Notice for Select ACD Regulators (PDF) ~~  


Owners Manual

Please follow this link for Owner Manuals http://www.aqualung.com/us/technical-library



Apeks operates from a purpose-built factory where every element of the regulators are designed and manufactured in-house. The world-class production facility and the total control over every manufacturing process make Apeks regulators the industry benchmark for design, quality and performance.

Apeks’s rigorous procedures comply with the highest standards under the European Quality Assurance System BS EN ISO 9001, ensuring Apeks' quality is the envy of others. Apeks regulators have been tested by the world's leading authorities on performance and were the first to pass EN 250 and be awarded the coveted CE mark. Apeks consistently top independent performance tests throughout the world, reflecting commitment to investment in research and development. Apeks is on the approved defence contractors list for the supply of diving equipment to armed forces around the world (for example all the British Navy's first stages are made by Apeks) and also supply emergency services such as coast guards, police forces and fire services.

The full range of Apeks dive equipment, which now includes regulators, bladders, instruments and accessories, has been adopted by technical divers around the world. Apeks equipment is being used to explore some of the deepest, coldest and most advanced dive environments on earth. Because when the environment demands, only one thing matters; that your dive kit is designed, developed and tested to keep you safe and comfortable.



Omersub is today the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of spearfishing and free diving equipment. O.M.E.R and SPORASUB, historically recognized as the top brands in the spearfishing and free diving industry, are distributed in over 70 countries and is a proud family of the group Aqualung, the worldwide leader in scuba diving equipment.



Surface Marker Ltd. was established in February 2006 introducing the Webbing Deployment System to the diving world followed by a range of high quality Surface Marker Buoys. High quality Surface Marker Buoys for Scuba Diving are our specialty. Attention to detail and ease of use our focus. Our flagship product the Surface Marker WDS has become the primary choice of Instructors and Dive Masters in South East Asia since its introduction in 2006.



Scuba diving is fun and exciting, and it relies on quality equipment to make your diving safe and fun.

Because scuba diving is an equipment oriented sport.  it is very important for you the user to know firsthand the Comfort, Fit and Performance of the equipment you intend to purchase for your diving activity. When you are able to see, feel and try each product and understand the differences in each model, you will find the best gear and be making an informed decision on your purchase, which rewards your diving experience. Our experienced team members are here to help you make the best choice to suit your diving needs and help you with try the equipment options we have.

We are not an on-line store nor do we conduct any sale by way of e-commerce. Any online purchases for Aqua Lung, Apeks, OmerSub and the brands under Aqua Lung is not allowed by the warranty policies of Aqua Lung International. If you purchase an Aqua Lung product from an unauthorized dealer, your warranty will not be valid. Please also check our Unauthorized Dealer Warning page periodically for updates.

Empire Scuba Supplies offers a comfortable and spacious retail area designed to ensure you get an enjoyable shopping experience. Purchases can be made by cash or major credit cards in our store.

If you're not in Kota Kinabalu area, you can also purchase through our Partner Centers or place an order by an email to info@empirescubasupplies.com where we can courier/post the item to you with delivery charges. However please be sure on the size of the products you order as goods sold are not refundable.

Please note we only do logistic within Sabah. For orders outside Sabah, please contact www.planetscuba.com.my.




Dear Aqua Lung and Apeks customers, thank you for your continuous trust of our products and services, and we will strive to ensure you always get the best from us.

Aqua Lung has an International Warranty Program which ensures our customers get quality and satisfaction with our products. To ensure you are supported, your Aqua Lung/ Apeks products must be purchased through authorized parties only. An authorized party is an officially appointed distributor/ retailer/ dealer that are approved to carry out all of Aqua Lung's support programs, be it a warranty, service, repair or recalls if any. We advise you to contact us to confirm if you are purchasing your Aqua Lung/ Apeks products from an authorized source. More information can be found at aqualung.com/us/support-unauthorised-dealer-warning

Please be aware that Scuba Warehouse Sdn Bhd and Coral Dive Store are NOT Authorized Dealers of products under the Aqua Lung brand. See below notice from Aqua Lung International:




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