WTX Tek Large Cargo Pocket

WTX Tek Large Cargo Pocket


The Large Cargo Pocket has bellow construction, a zipper closure and capability to attach directly to waistband grommets. It can also slide over the harness waistband even after the diver is suited up.

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  • Zippered closure for security

  • Internal loops for bungee cord attachment

  • 4 front grommets allow the smaller cargo pocket or the mesh pocket to be attached using screw and barrel set

  • 4 rear grommets allow the pocket to attach directly to the WTX Harness waistband using hardware kit

  • Has a large web loop to slide over a BC lobe and two smaller web loops to slide over standard two inch waistband webbing.

  • Has a bottom drain grommet

  • Material 1050D ballistic nylon

  • Front attachment grommets 4, brass

  • Rear attachment grommets 4, brass

  • Drain grommet 1, brass

  • Drain grommet #10 coil