New Pearl BCD

New Pearl BCD


The Pearl is a wrap-around jacket style BC specifically designed for the female diver. It offers an adjustable waistband and specially curved shoulder straps that provide a customizable and comfortable fit.

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Aqua Lung's Pearl Series goes Pink:
Aqua Lung gives back to women by supporting an important cause that has affected our employees and their families, and women all around the country. We are pleased that Aqua Lung will be making a cash donation to the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research based upon the sales of the Pearl.


  • A unique, hybrid air cell combines a back inflation wing with a wrap around jacket. The benefit is increased lift in a small package as well as stability throughout the dive.

  • Sleeker, low profile lobes with scalloped lower edges to rise above the hips

  • The patented, integrated sports bra provides added comfort, security and stability.

  • The flat valves reduce drag and keep the BC streamlined.

  • The SureLock II weight pockets align themselves. Just insert the pocket until it “clicks”. A simple, single pull release is all that is needed to jettison the weights in an emergency

  • Two large, lobe pockets have zippers to keep your accessories secure.

  • Four d-rings are available to attach accessories

  • Attachment grommets are available for any one of the fine selection of Aqua Lung BC knives. Image shows optional Aqua Lung knife attached.

  • Octo-pockets (patent pending) are on either side to securely stow your octopus

  • Adjustable waist band accommodates a wide variety of sizes

  • Colors Pink and Twilight


Style - Weight-integrated Hybrid Air Cell

Sizes - 5

Inflator - Powerline

Dump valves - 2 Flat valves

Harness - Standard with Sports Bra

Weight System - SureLock II

Tankband - Universal slotted tankband

# of D-rings - 4 plastic

Pockets - 2 large lobe pockets

Knife attachment - Yes

Rolled collar - No

Ditchable weight - All sizes 20lb/9kg

Non-ditchable weight - XS - none, SM - 6lb/3kg, M, ML, LG - 10 lb/4.5kg

Lift Capacity (lbs/N) - XS- 23 / 100, SM-28 / 120, M-32 / 140, ML-37 / 160, LG-44 / 190

Warranty - Limited Lifetime

Size & Lift Chart