FC Marker

FC Marker


Durable and compact the ideal combination to take this buoy with you on your next diving vacation.
Made from durable 210D Nylon coated with TPU. Doesn't stick together as it happens so often with the cheaper plastic buoys.

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Fully Closed SMB w/ Quick Connect BCD Inflator & Oral Inflation Valve

  • The Buoy is filled by using the BCD Quick Connect/Oral Inflator Valve

  • The over-pressure/dump valve releases the air automatically on ascent; by pulling

  • the dump cord you can easily deflate the buoy on the surface.

Safety for Snorkelers: Ideal for snorkelers who want to be visible to boat/watersport traffic. This buoy can be easily inflated by mouth and used to rest.

Data Sheet:

Type:                   Closed Buoy Buoy with Over Pressure Valve + Quick Connect BCD/Oral Inflator

Measurements:    Length: 145 cm | 48" Width: 15.5 cm | 6" Circumference: inflated 28 cm | 11"

Weight:                 250 gr| 0.55 lb

Material/Color:     210 Denier TPU coated Nylon, Color: orange

Stowage:             Secured with Elastic Bungee: Circumference 20 cm | 7.87", Height 18 cm | 7.08"

Deployment:        not included

Buoyancy:            5.5 kg | 11.5 lbs

Snap Hooks & Rings not included