Lift Bag 25kg

Lift Bag 25kg


Self-Sealing lift bag ideal for lifting deep objects.
Vents excess pressure during ascent and will not spill air on surfacing.
Complete with Stainless Steel Ring for quick attachment of lifting loads.

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This medium size lift bag is ideal for lifting small to medium objects from depth. The Self-Sealing one way baffle at the bottom of the lift bag opening will allow air into the lift bag but will prevent it from escaping on ascent, thus the lift bag will remain inflated on the surface till retrieved.

During ascentthe Over Pressure Valve (OPV) will vent excess pressureensuring that the bag is fully inflated at optimum pressure on the surface. With the aid of the Dump Valve knob at the top of the lift bag air can also be vented manually for acontrolled ascent.

Manufactured with Durable 210 D Nylon coated TPU fabric this lift bag can easily be carried on every dive with the provided Carry Pouch.

All Surface Marker lift bags come standard with a top handling strap and generousness webbing loops at the bottom of the bag for easy attachment and safer filling.

The load bearing webbing at the bottom of the bag also includes a 316 Stainless Steel Ring for attaching loads. The ring ensures that the loads remain at the center of the bag during ascent to ensure optimal travel during the ascent.

Data Sheet:

Type:                     Self-Sealing with Over Pressure Valve / Dump Valve

Lift Capacity:         25kg (measured as internal volume - 25l of water)

Special Features:  Top Grab Handle + Stainless Steel Load Attachment Ring

Includes:               Carry Pouch for BCD attachement and stowage

Color:                    Hi Viz Orange

Material:                210 Denier Nylon with TPU coating

Weight in Pouch:   0.35kg

Dimensions:          Length 78cm x Width 58cm - when empty